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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Was Chakotay's warning that some people may not be over joyed that they are alive pointed at Janeway? Was that his hint to her that maybe your fiancÚ moved on, so keep considering me? Hint, hint, wink, wink....

I feel like Seven should be more confused. I like the idea of transforming a Borg, and adding her to the crew, but she does not seem to struggle enough. She is concerned about things that are important to Janeway and she responds to her like that is where her loyalty has always lain.

The ship receives letters from home. While this is a nice first transmission, should they not have sent useful information that may have helped them get home first? At least letters from home make for good TV. Neelix was the natural choice for the mailman.

Tuvok is so cute. He tried to pretend that he did not want to read the letter, but as soon as Neelix left he picked it up. Janeways response was sullen. I am not sure if she was happy about the letter from her fiancÚ or sad. Chakotay was sad because all of the Maquis except the Voyager crew are dead, slaughtered by the Cardassians and the Dominion.

The signal starts to degrade and seven goes in with Tuvok to fix it. She is worried about him going, thinking that it is an insult of the captains suspicion. As they come closer to the station,they are attacked and captured by hirogen hunters.

Tom gets a letter from his father. He's terrified of what it says. He has a better life on voyager than he ever had at home, and wanted to forget about it. Chakotay talks to Janeway, whose fiancÚ has married another woman. I feel like chakotay was veeeery interested to hear that... all in all, The letters from home haven't turned out very well for a lot of people...

Tuvok and seven have both awoken on the hirogen ship. They want to keep the trophies for their livers and intestines... I loved the exchange between the hirogen and seven... "What could you possibly want with my intestines?" "Men will envy me and women will desire me!" "You are a crude species."

The final conversation with Janeway and chakotay also felt like a very sexually charged atmosphere... Hoping to see some action for the officers soon!

Favorite part: the doctors musings with Seven about him becoming a hero, and her counter that they will probably erase his program and update him.

Least favorite part: the communication tower more communications from home....sad, but understandable.
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