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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I think the show has too much drama. There is the underground criminal element with the vampire who wants to kill the fat guy for some reason.
Tarr and McCawley are rivals because they're the two richest people in town and each wants what the other has. There's probably a racial element as well, with McCawley not being too fond of the alien interlopers (and if so, that makes it interesting that they cast a Native American actor in that role).

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An odd choice for the MMO is that only humans and Irathients (the species that Irisa, Nolan's daughter, is) are playable. One would have at least assumed the Castihans would also be playable given the attention the pilot gives to Datak Tarr and his family; while Indogene are likewise humanoid enough to work (and the Sensoth and Liberata fit standard MMO body types).

I suspect that if the game is a success they probably plan to add some of those races in expansions, similar, again, to Warcraft's model.
Reposting my comments from another forum:

I think it makes sense that the players would be mostly Humans and Irathients. For one thing, those are the two most numerous species on post-Arkfall Earth. We've seen that Castithans can be fighters, so they could be a third player category. But as for the other species: Indogenes are more thinkers than fighters; Liberata are diminutive; Gulanee are rare and incorporeal (though I gather that one does appear as a "level boss" or something); and Volge seem to be pretty much everyone's enemies, so they couldn't play the same story role as a human or Irathient player character. Sensoth are big, strong, and capable of aggression as we saw with Tarr's henchman in the pilot, but they're rather slow-moving, and from the demo, there's a lot of running in the game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Biomen showed up as a playable category at some point, though. They seem to be just the sort of thing that would be created for the sake of the game more than the show.
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