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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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A few comments on the above.
  1. Re the argument that the originals are not gone. For a lot of people they are. Go to syndication or Netflix and watch a TOS episode and you dont have the option to see the originals. So, unless you are willing to shell out money to own bluray discs, you can't watch the originals any more.

But would it be available to watch at all on TV or via streaming, if it hadn't been remastered? We can't really now the answer to that can we?

You know I think one of the reasons Star Trek stood the test of time unlike many other shows is that esp. in the first two seasons it told good stories. The effects whether they be the original or the re-mastered are secondary to the story and for the most part don't really detract from the story.

Are the new effects perfect, no of course not.
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