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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

An odd choice for the MMO is that only humans and Irathients (the species that Irisa, Nolan's daughter, is) are playable. One would have at least assumed the Castihans would also be playable given the attention the pilot gives to Datak Tarr and his family; while Indogene are likewise humanoid enough to work (and the Sensoth and Liberata fit standard MMO body types).

I suspect that if the game is a success they probably plan to add some of those races in expansions, similar, again, to Warcraft's model.
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Except that the Volge were never suppose to be on the ARKs to begin with, so the main power player isn't human - unless they go in a very strange Star gate direction.
[spoiler]Well the <i>original</i> conspiracy could not have involved humans, but the point is the presence of the Volge does not necessitate the existence of a ninth species.[/spoiler]
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