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Phoenix Comic-Con 2013 has quite the lineup of Sf/F actors and writers

I was just curious if anyone here was going to next month's Phoenix Comic-Con? They've got a hell of a line up of guests this year. I've wanted to go for the last 3 years, but haven't been able to yet. I'm hoping I might be able to this year, but I don't know if I can yet.
The entire B5 cast and JMS
*Gigi Edgely and David Franklin, Chiana and Bracca from Farscape
*Amanda Tapping, Stargate's Sam Carter and Sanctuary's Helen Magnus
*Anthony Michael Hall, the Dead Zone TV series' Johnny Smith, Mike Engle in The Dark Knight, and Walter Sykes on Warehouse 13.
*Chandler Riggs Laurie Holden, and Michael Rooker, The Walking Dead's Carl Riggs, Andrea and Merle Dixon
*Cindy Morgan, Tron's Yori
*Dean Cain, Lois and Clark's Clark Kent/Superman
*Garret Wang, ST:VOY's Harry Kim
*Jewel Staite, Firefly's Kaylee and SG:A's Dr. Keller
*John Barrowman, Doctor Who and Torchwood's Capt. Jack Harkness, and Arrow's Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer
*John Scalzi, author of Old Man's War series, Redshirts, Fuzzy Nation, and The Human Division
*Kristin Bauer and Rutina Wesley, True Blood's Pam and Tara Thorton
*Larry Nemecek, writer of ST:TNG Companion and numerous other Trek BTS writings
*Morgan Gendel, writer of ST:TNG episode The Inner Light
*Nichele Nichols, Nyota Uhrua from ST:TOS
*Peter David, writer of ST:TNG Imzadi, the ST:New Frontier series, the X-Factor comic book series, and several B5 episodes
*Sam Witwer, Being Human's Aiden Waite, Smallville's David Blood/Doomsday, and SW:CW's Darth Maul,
*Walter Koenig, ST:TOS's Pavel Chekov and B5's Alfred Bester
*Wil Weaton, ST:TNG's Wesley Crusher, and himself on The Big Bang Theory
*Brandon Sanderson, writer of the Mistborn novels, The Stormlight Archives novels, and the last 3 Wheel of Time novels
*Cherie Priest, writer of the Clockwork Century novels
*Jeff Mariotte, writer of ST: The Lost Era: Deny Thy Father, ST:SCE: No Surrender, Angel: The Curse, and Angel: Old Friends
*Kelley Armstrong, author of the Women of the Otherworld, and Darkest Powers novels
*Kevin Hearn, author of The Iron Druid Chronicles novels
*Michael A. Stackpole, author of SW: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, SW: I, Jedi, and the SW: New Jedi Order: Darl Tide novels
*Terry Brooks, author of the Shannara novels
*Timothy Zahn, SW: Thrawn trilogy, SW: Hand of Thrawn duology, SW: Soundrels
They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it is not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance. - Terry Pratchett, Equal Rites
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