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Re: Anyone here who HATES "in the pale moonlight"

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Yeah, but would the Founders be interested in conquering a "chaotic empire " that generally keeps to itself and probably has a couple hundred horrible WMDs hidden in the closet to deploy on its fleet of ships that can turn invisible.
The Romulans have shown no inclination to keep to themselves when it suits them.
Yeah, I mean they were just constantly attacking the federation

Do you think the Dominion has forgotten about the Romulans involvement in the attempt to obliterate the Founders homeworld?
You mean the one they had seemed to have gotten over in the case of the Cardassians

Where were their WMD's then?
Probably din't bring them

um, actually YES the Romulans WERE constantly scheming against the Federation, especially during the TNG era. "the defector" had them lay a trap to get the Enterprise, "unification" had them try to conquer Vulcan, "the enemy" had them try a border incursion, and then there's "Nemesis..."

yeah, those Romulans sure kept to themselves, leaving the Federation alone.
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