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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Eminiar (stipulated to be non-warp)
They were at war with a planet in another star system.

was contact to establish a "treaty port." Treaty ports are areas that are open to foreign trade, are legally extra-territorial, and are removing from the control of the local government.
Which they were doing becuase the two planets were dragging people into their idiotic war.

Janus Six, a mining facility was established to mine natural resources, no consideration was give to whether there was intelligent life there. When intelligent life was found, it was put to work digging for ore. No dialog as to the planet belonging to the indigenous Horta species, or the Humans leaving.
They had a dialog open Kirk go the Horta to agree to let them have the ores that were useless to them that they left in their tunnels becuase they either wouldn't or couldn't eat them.

The Halkans were contacted by the Federation to so that the Federation could mine a natural resource (dilithium), the Halkans were not indicated to be a post-warp species.
And when the Halkans told them to get lost they left. That was kind of the point the episode was making about the difference between the Federation and the Terran Empire.

Capella, the native people of that world were contacted by the Federation so that the Federation could mine a natural resource (topaline), the Capellan were obviously pre-warp.
A resource that the Capellans had no use for and they were already aware of people from outer space.

The argument could be made that the prime directive by law doesn't apply when needed natural resources are involved.
Except they still had to negotiate with the natives to get it they didn't just take it for themselves.

Edit_XYZ wrote: View Post
The baku did not settle unclaimed space.
Because when this space was claimed by the klingons, they would have searched their new property and evicted these few hundreds of luddites with extreme prejudice, especially considering what a clement/valuable M class world these luddites were on.
Except from the data Soong found in the Klingon database the Klingons were aware of two inhabitable planets in the Briar Patch and they didn't move to take them, probably becuase it would be more trouble than it is worth as they would have to move ships into a difficult to navigate area where you have to travel a considerable distance just to communicate with the rest of the galaxy (so basically its Bumf@#k Idaho in space), and they only thing they would seemingly get from all the effort it would take to move in is some particles which go against their philosophy of dying gloriously in battle.

So no I really don't think the Klingons would bother with a backwater planet of little importance (to them probably) thats hard as hell to get to.
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