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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Quadrant, where most of the known and explored galaxy was located.
B is for Beta Quadrant, home of the Klingon and Romulan Empires.
C is for Canamar, a notorious mid-22nd century prisoner transfer vessel.
D is for Deneva. A fun place to visit. But don't order the pizza.
E is for Earther, a frequent Klingon term to describe humans.
F is for Federation Flagship Fesarius.
G is for gorch, a Klingon pimple.
H is for Hand. Apollo's grabbed the Enterprise.
I is for Iconians. Demons of Air and Darkness.
J is for Jenolen's transporter. Montgomery Scott spent 75 years in its pattern buffer.
K is for Klingon breath mints.
L is for landing party.
M is for Montgomery Scott's expanding waist.
N is for NuEnterprise, created in part by Nero's temporal incursion.
O is for Orion slave women.
P is for Pretty. Kirk thought Miri was and told her so.
Q is for Quasar-like phenomenon.
R is for Red Alert status aboard Federation vessels.
S is for Spock-knocker..
T is for Talarian warship.
U is for ugly bags of mostly water. Aka, Hew-mons.
V is for Very Pretty. Miri was also this, according to Kirk after she refused to believe that she was just simply pretty.
W is for "Worf speed!"
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