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Re: Your own personal continuity

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Damn I forgot about that one. I hated what ENT did with the Orions, they were far more believable as slaves/animal women, beautiful, intoxicating and deadly. This way the Orion males weren't wusses.
I disagree; I like that one. It make more sense that they were the ones in charge to begin with (also, not every society has to be patriarchal.) It also makes what we've seen with the poor unfortunate Gaila a lot of sense (in that she was able to be in Starfleet) and it also makes the concept of the Orion slave girl palatable for a modern audience (as well as less sexist.)
Well, I Hated it... It sounds like a kind of retro-women's lib attempt by the PC crowd!

But it's only like Reason #1,966 on my list why I Hate E...

Coming way sooner than that is the excruciatingly bad explanation for ridge-free Klingon heads! Bad enough we had to watch Archer there overacting with all the intensity of a guy sitting on a toilet trying to squeeze out an oversized turd...
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