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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

Somewhat spirited. I found this just as good as Cold War in its way, showing that there's life in the old dog yet.

Nice nuanced interplay between Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine. and I liked the backstory of Scott's character. The scenes between the two leads were notable for their dialogue too.

I had been thinking that this would very much be a standalone, but then we were treated to the reappearance of the motif of the TARDIS being a "cow" to Clara. Wonder what that's about, not to mention Emma's apparent mistrust of the Doctor.

As regards the TARDIS, I'm not completely sold on it having a functionally generic avatar that speaks in the first person and seems to have a purely linear experience of time. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but it seems inconsistent with what we saw in both The Doctor's Wife and Let's Kill Hitler (though maybe in the latter the ship was arguably being a "cow" to the Doctor as well. Perhaps it really is a drama queen, or perhaps the voice interface is a buffer between the ship's inscrutable consciousness and limited mortal minds).

Overall, Hide was a very entertaining 45 minutes that brought us mystery, tension, humour and interesting dialogue. One for a rewatch, methinks.

(Edit: It was a little out of season, though. November 25th, but but broadcast in April in broad daylight. I wonder if it was originally meant to air last year.)
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