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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

I have to say these two terrorists are the most stupidest terrorists ever. They lived two miles away from the site of the bombings, they then decided to rob a store five hours after the Boston police announced they were looking for our suspects. Next these Tsarnaev brothers kill a police officer some distance away from the store they robbed, and that was only a mile away from the site of the bombings.

Next they hijack a car, chuck IEDs at police, then crash the car in Watertown. How the younger brother escaped from the clutches of the police at that point is a mystery to me, everyone nearby in the houses would have woken up to the sound of gunfire, and God knows how many cops were there surrounding that crashed car as these suspects made their last stand. How Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wriggled out of that one I don't know.

Finally nearly twenty hours later and with most of Watertown locked down for most of that time, in a state of martial law with the army searching residences without any regard to search warrants, Dzhokhar is found hiding in someone's boat in a back garden less than a kilometre away from the shoot-out with the cops. The police and army messed up big time here, and Dzhokhar was found by the resident who owned that boat, after the resident left his property to check on his boat when the stay-indoors order was lifted.

The resident calls the police and Dzhokhar is at last caught, and the resident only noticed anything suspicious because there were bloodstains on the path leading to this boat. Which warrants the question, if the police and army had searched this house and presumably the back garden, why didn't they notice the bloodstains?

There's a timeline (in the link below) compiled by the BBC of the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers.
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