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Re: What is "canon?"

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They do 'Treknical' stuff all the time over in Fan Art, there's the Starfleet Museum website. Not to mention numerous fan films that continue to get made without interference from CBS.

As far as being a fan, I'm a fan because I like Star Trek, I'm not going to go be a fan of another franchise because I disagree with some of the decisions of CBS/Paramount. If people are that easily swayed, they likely weren't really fans to begin with.
As soon as Fan Art hits the printers and is sold at cons--Paramount's Death Soldiers will start marching! They Police this stuff, that's what happened to zine sales at cons...

There's actually another breed of fan alive today, sparked By today's greedy attitudes... These are the humanoids who only think of buying Trek merchandise because it will go up in value and they'll be able to re-sell it and make a profit on it... Doesn't matter what it is, it's just $$$ to them... So it's no wonder that people will wait hours to Pay actors for their autographs if it means in turn making a profit... Not all Ferengi have big ears...

And regarding this:

"Canon is only important to certain people because they have to cling to their knowledge of the minutiae. Open your mind! Be a Star Trek fan and open your mind and say, 'Where does Star Trek want to take me now'." - Leonard Nimoy

That sounds like a sales pitch for Abrams' movie/s!
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