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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

^True, there were arguments over what should count, but then it was understood to be a matter of fan opinion and belief. What Roddenberry and Arnold created was the mentality that what counts and what doesn't is defined by the studio and that their judgments are imposed by the fans -- that the fans are supposed to be submissive to what the studio tells them to believe rather than making their own choices about what to believe. You still see fans today who labor under the delusion that there's some CBS or Paramount employee whose sole function is to declare what bits of Trek they're allowed to like -- who believe that they have to subjugate themselves to someone else's authority. They treat fandom like it's a job where they have to follow orders rather than a form of recreation where they can use their own imaginations. And that's because they falsely believe that the Arnoldian approach to canon, which was only in effect for like 3 years and ended 22 years ago, is still binding to this day.
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