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Re: Enterprise-C Stories

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after Tasha's execution, their fate will rest in the hands of a Volskiar who isn't depicted in Treklit as a generous kind of person, especially if he's felt himself cheated.
I'm sticking with my suspicion that Charvanek could have somehow arranged for their release or escape. She's got connections herself. She couldn't do anything for Tasha, but could help the other survivors. And since she fought alongside them, she'd have every reason to.
Are those the only factors operating for Charvanek? She's still a loyal Romulan and a high-ranking official of a state that she wants to transform into something better, a state that never did a complete reset after the mad Dralath notwithstanding the desires of Charvanek and (maybe) Narviat. General Volskiar, the man who directed the massacre at Narendra III, doesn't seem to have been tried and purged, but instead remained a powerful figure under Narviat's regime.

Could Charvanek do something for the survivors? Maybe she could. Would she do so if the risk was too great? She might well not. What if, for instance, a vengeful General Volskiar was set on executing the C survivors after Tasha broke her side of thee agreement? Would Charvanek intervene and try to smuggle them out if doing so would create an internal crisis risking her husband's praetorship?

I agree that Charvanek would be concerned about the fate of the other C survivors. I'd even agree that she'd feel bad if something did happen to them, even if Tasha did break her word to Volskiar. It doesn't therefore follow that she'd automatically intervene on their behalf whatever the cost, to her, to her allies, and to the Romulus she was trying to form.

As for Picard's skepticism about survivors? Maybe he just didn't know about them.
That may be a possibility.

However, someone as generally well-informed as Picard thinks the idea anyone survived the C's battle at Narendra III as ridiculous. This suggests to me that C survivors never made it to the Federation: what incentive would the Federation have to cover up the survival of Starfleet personnel captured in battle on the Federation flagship?
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