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In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, will Harrison's terrorist actions/bombings in the movie be too much to stomach?
I do not believe so. It may even be an emotional release (assuming the onscreen villian(s) are dispatched in a grand and satisfying fashion). It t kind of reminds me (loosely) of Star Trek VI's release wherein the plot was very topical in dealing with real world changes.

Btw, my heartfelt prayers go out to the victims, their families and friends of the Boston Bombings. Even though I am rather mature in age and sadly, we, as nation, have been through this before I could not help but shed tears.

Also, at the risk of sounding goofy, I would like to gently caution folks not to allow this terrible, horrific incident to be viewed as a justification for hate.

Chrono85 wrote: View Post
I don't think that it will really effect movie goers more. Unfortunately, terrorism is so commonplace now, and a part of everyday life, that I don't think this particular plot point will stand out more to people because of the Boston bombings.
I disagree with "commonplace." I would even say it feels as if it has decreased since the high of the late-60s/1970s. I seem to recall that period as always having a hijacking or bombing going on somewhere. I do believe that slowly but surely humanity is making progress and getting better. No despair.

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The Dark Knight Rises did a billion dollars worldwide even after the tragedy in Colorado. I don't think the Boston attack will dampen the Into Darkness box office.
Good point.

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Heck, Khan has his reasons for wanting revenge. His wife died with an eel in her ear and he spent fifteen years in hell because Kirk ditched him on that planet ... He wasn't out for revenge just for the hell of it.
Bearing in mind that Kahn was a despot at heart, he would have sought to avenge himself on Kirk no matter what (in my opinion).
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