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Re: Are there any TNG-era or later fan-films that use physical sets?

I believe that a student project in the UK that was never finished... Star Trek Hyperion, listed as under (BS) here: (the letter 'numbering' system is not a commentary, it's just a 26 digit numbering system, A is 1, Z is 26, AA is 27, AZ is 52, BA is 53, and BS is 71. Projects numbered after BA, or 53, are on long term hold or abandon. Projects listed as AA to AZ, or 27 to 52, are on short term hold or proceeding very slowly. Projects listed A to Z or 1 through 9, (the 1 through 9 was added due to the large number of current projects) are projects which are under active development which have not been under development for such a long time that I have moved them down to AA to AZ.)
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