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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I've only seen two Tom Baker stories: The Keeper of Traken and Logopolis. They were my first foray into classic Who so I probably didn't enjoy them on the same level I would now. Back then it was a huge change (at least for me) from nuWho. I should revisit them now that I have a better appreciation of the classic show and can appreciate the stories despite the low production values.
Very few of the stories were low production. There was a lot of cheesiness in there. But then again that's science fiction for you. It's what made a lot of TOS great also. Maybe looking back now they would be low production values but that's because of technological changes. Logopolis isn't a bad episode for the Baker era it's nowhere near his top episode. If you want good Baker it's basically anything from his first season. City of Death, Talons of Waing Chiang, Pyramid from Mars, Image of Fendahl, Terror of the Zygons, I could go on but there's a good reason he is a popular favorite doctor 40 years later.
I have to disagree, Logopolis is Bakers best. And is actually my favourite doctor who episode ever!

Meh, I've seen alot of his first season, and I think it's overated. I know this one's a clasic, but I think genisis of the daleks is far from Bakers best. Everone says how wonderfull it is and "it's the best serial ever!", but I didn't really care for it. I ever got the chance to see city of death, but I'd like to, Talons of Waing Chaing is very overated, it's just an average episode in my opinion if that. Pyramin fro Mars was quite boring as I recall, I didn't care for it at all. Image of Fendahl or terror f the Zygons are also both serials I;ve bever had the plessure or displeasure to see it.
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