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Re: 7x09 Hide - rating and discussion thread

*Sigh* Back to more moring episodes again.

For the first few minites, I was completley bored. Nothing really happened that got me grasped. The story was too fast and yet some how also too slow at the same time, I don't like the fact that they've given the trdis a sort of personality, and at the beggining I guessed that that it would be the doctor and Clara at the door and would then be loud and clumbsy as usual. Plus we didn't really get an explanation for why the doctor was there until the very end. It was just a bit boring, didn't do it for me. Plus the end was confusing. It didn't make any sense.

Also, did anyone notice some doctor references. In the wi fi episode, I recall Clara saying "capter 11's best" to the kid with the book, then in this episode, she said "whisky is the 11th most discusting thing ever" which got me thinking "there's a pattern forming here". Then she said "big chin" at some point which reminded me of the 11th doctor as he has quite a large chin, plus the doctor wearing the space suit the tenth doctor wore. Then in the christmas special or whatever, someone on this forum pointed out that Clara had some roses. Not this could all be a big coincidence, or these could be references to the upcomming 50th anniversary seeing 10 and Rose are comming back, plsu there's speculation that the eleventh doctor may be regenerating in the christmas special.
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