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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Also, this was back before TNG, right? Back when David Hartwell was editing the books? I'm not sure how stringent the licensing restrictions were back then . . .
It came out in October '87. I think Hartwell was long gone by then -- that was around the time when Karen Haas or David Stern would've been editing.

But October '87 was the same time that TNG premiered, and nine months before the first original TNG novel. So it definitely came from before the Roddenberry/Arnold crackdown on continuity. Heck, it came out right between The Romulan Way and Bloodthirst, and just six months before Time For Yesterday, so that puts it right in the heart of the most continuity-heavy period of the '80s. And there were definitely books published after HMFJTP that did make use of Ford-style Klingons, as late as Rules of Engagement over two years later.

So I'm sorry, Kertrats47, but there's no way your interpretation of the book can work. Paramount absolutely was not cracking down on Ford-style Klingons or anything else in Trek-Lit continuity at the time -- heck, there was no reason to, because TNG hadn't even premiered yet when the book was written. I think you're going to have to rewrite your review.
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