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Re: Have we ever seen subspecies in Trek?

it's often been shown to require technological intervention to make it happen
...And with technological intervention, you can breed a human/computer hybrid if you want to. When species start dabbling with such interventions, the very concept of species becomes outdated.

Biologically, they are Vulcan.
Unless they came in distinct varieties even before the Romulan departure - namely, ridges vs. smooth foreheads. Still nothing to stand out in a standard starship-level scan, as we learn, but distinct enough to qualify for a case in point in the debate at hand.

Or maybe she suffered the same persecution but fought her way up through the ranks and earned a high status despite her origins.
Or, option three, she continues to be treated as manure, and her attaining a military command position is just a further example of her being considered slave breed - much like Shinzon being given a commanding role was. She gets all the impossible assignments, even if the definition of "cannon fodder" in the intelligence circles may be less gory than in the space infantry branch. Holding rank need not equate with being appreciated, respected or even tolerated.

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