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Re: What is "canon?"

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And talking Tech, I mean frigging wow--Only Two People are granted permission by Pocket Books to do anything Treknical in the 21st Century (OK, Three if you count Geoffrey Mandel)...

I have to hand it to George Lucas for allowing fans far more leeway in the Star Wars universe... Making their own films and what not... This is what I mean about "jumping ship" and joining the Rebellion...
They do 'Treknical' stuff all the time over in Fan Art, there's the Starfleet Museum website. Not to mention numerous fan films that continue to get made without interference from CBS.

As far as being a fan, I'm a fan because I like Star Trek, I'm not going to go be a fan of another franchise because I disagree with some of the decisions of CBS/Paramount. If people are that easily swayed, they likely weren't really fans to begin with.
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