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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

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Couldn't you use Q-Who to get a "guesstimate" of hull thickness? It looks like a few inches of hull backed by a foot or so of "stuff"...
Heh. How is it I don't remember that one? I know I was avidly watching by season two...

I think I've more or less concluded the hull thickness can wildly vary, and I don't even need TV show screncaps to defend that. There seems to be plenty of room in the tech manual description to interpret the hull thickness a variety of ways. In fact, the only real conclusion I feel comfortable with is that it can vary between a foot to four feet... (and perhaps even twice that) depending on what part of the hull you're looking at.

I'm itching to take a stab at laying out some framing members in Inkscape... After following Havoc92's build of the FJ plans (he did the bones last), I think it's probably the place to start after building the hull shell and breaking out the decks...

Personally, I think a 3D view of the skeletal structure alone would be pretty cool.
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