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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

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Richey was probably saved by exercising the same relative effort a human gives to a drying earthworm when lifting it off the sidewalk and dropping it on the grass on the divider, and forgotten in an eyeblink.
Excellent point.
Except if you were to apply the same logic with what went on with the aliens in this episode, it's picking up a worm off a street and putting it in a can of dirt and leaving it inside of a dark and freezing meat locker. There's help, and than there's that. Even as a kid still in his single digits I knew that a worm's place was in the dirt.

I don't think they realized that's what they were doing. They found Richey with a personal possession which contained a story. Obviously this book had personal importance to him, otherwise he wouldn't be carrying it with him.

So they extrapolated that the story in the book may have been some sort of personal desire for him. They created the environment, and put him in it. For all they knew, they were putting him in a good place.
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