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Re: What is "canon?"

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All I know is what ever it is, it has nothing to do with what the fans think it is.
Depends on which fan you ask... Some believed it was a marketing ploy interjected by Paramount to discredit older publications no longer licensed, so as to maximize their profits... I.E. FASA's TNG Officers Manual was "de-canonized" not because it wasn't accurate but because FASA backed out of paying for the copyright and the two couldn't come to a mutually beneficial price... When TPTB realized they could come up with their Own manual without losing a certain profit margin to the gaming company, they had their paid show crew put out the TNG Technical Manual... Rather than come out and say this, those sly dogs leaked out the story that the TNG Manual was so poorly researched and compiled it was Decanonized because TPTB "care" about continuity and therefore the book was "being pulled from the shelves" of bookstores! This in turn only Boosted sales of their manual and gave more credibility to Pocket Books actually Caring about continuity and the accuracy of their Trek books!

I am, of course, speaking of how the word "canon" applies in regards to Star Trek not to anything else...
It's handled much differently (and at times more precisely) when used within other genres...
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