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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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I agree Spock and Kirk behaved badly in 'The Enterprise Incident' but thats the Cold War for you.
I don't the last time the Romulans had a cloaking advantage over the Federation that launched an unprovoked attack that destroyed multiple federation outposts and all but declared war on the Federation hell the only thing that probably stoped said potential war was Kirk chasing them down into the Neutral Zone, so why the hell should the federation not try to steal one of their cloaking devices to remove that advantage especially since this one doesn't have the motion sensor flaw.

Timo wrote: View Post
The Romulans appear to be quite willing to sign similarly hobbling treaties - they agreed not to develop polaric ion weapons ("Time and Again")
You mean the ones the blow holes in the space time continuum and would be just as likely to kill the Romulans as well as their enemies becuase their unstable.

and steered clear of subspace weapons, too (ST:INS).
1) The Romulans didn't sign the Khitomer Accords the Klingons did.

2) They were banned becuase they were unpredictable not becuase they were destructive, meaning much like polaric ion weapons they can burn them as well as their enemy

It also appears they never developed metagenic weapons, even though their know-how must have been decades or centuries ahead that of the Cardassians ("Chain of Command").
which is probable yet another weapon that could burn the side that uses it as well as the target

Timo wrote: View Post
...And seemed to be working pretty well.
The Dominion War says otherwise.

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R. Star wrote: View Post
The treaty was stated as "keeping the peace" and given the mindset of the Federation in that time, the same one that kept giving concessions to the Cardassians even though they were actively violating the treaty there, I think the Federation's policy then -was- appeasement.
I know, I hate all that appeasement of the Cardassians, with those treaties where both sides gave up stuff that they claimed. Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!
except the Cardassians knew the federation wouldn't oppress the crap out of their colonists while they were free to oppress the crap out of their's.
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