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Re: Anyone here who HATES "in the pale moonlight"

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In the Pale Moonlight wrote:
SISKO: The Founders see it as their sacred duty to bring order to the galaxy. Their order. Do you think they'll sit idly by while you keep your chaotic empire right next to their perfect order? No. If you watch us go under, then what you're really doing is signing your own death warrant.
Yeah, but would the Founders be interested in conquering a "chaotic empire " that generally keeps to itself and probably has a couple hundred horrible WMDs hidden in the closet to deploy on its fleet of ships that can turn invisible.
The Dominion has proven in the past that they can see though a claok if need be and I do think they have their eye on the Romulan Empire as well as the lingons and the Federation.
The greatest science fiction series of all time is
Doctor Who! And I'll take you all on, one-by-one
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--- Harlan Ellison, from his introduction
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