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Re: Terrorism/Bombings

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In light of the Boston Marathon bombings, will Harrison's terrorist actions/bombings in the movie be too much to stomach?

Cumby has said something about John Harrison - he's trying to make a case that Harrison is sympathetic, that he has reasons for doing what he did, that he is not "really" a terrorist. I hope he's not actually trying to tell us that we should take Harrison's side, but there we are.

These Russian dudes would no doubt claim that they had reasons for doing what they did. So by presenting a fictional character - John Harrison - in a sympathetic light, the film might be seen as downplaying the obvious evil and violence of the real life Boston bombings. (I'm just going to assume that Harrison causes more deaths and injuries in this film than the Russian guys did in Boston.)
1. They're not Russians.
2. Why would you equate "Harrison is a sympathetic character" with "he's trying to tell us that we should take Harrison's side"? One needn't agree with a character to be able to sympathize. If the actor and writers are able to make him a sympathetic character in spite of some of the things he's shown to do, say or express, then that's just good drama.
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