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Re: Your own personal continuity

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I still can't figure out fans who think Saavik is a 100% pure Vulcan when there are not only multiple books which say she's half-Romulan and explain her background, but the FASA RPG, and well, everything in print regarding her including the movie novelizations...
Show me an on-screen reference to her mixed heritage, and I'm on-board with it.

And to top it all off, she's Crying in ST II during Spock's funeral!
And? She is young, undiisciplined, and in-experienced at controlling her emotions. Doesn't make her half-Romulan. And being half-anything wouldn't necessarily change a person's behavior. If I was half Italian, would that automatically give me a craving for pasta? No. there would have had to have been aspects of my upbringing to give me that. Vulcan emotional patterns are societal, not biological. Compare the younger Spock (circa The Cage) with the more disciplined Spock we see later on. What is more likely here: that he learned self-control, or thast he had some sort of genetic therapy to over-ride those pesky human genes?

Even if Saavik is half-romulan, it would make very negligible difference in her biology or genetic make-up given how recently (in evolutionary terms) the split between vulcans and romulans occurred.

But I guess if they can swallow that, they can easily swallow T'Pol being a Vulcan...
Why shouldn't I accept that T'Pol is a vulcan?
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