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Re: Your own personal continuity

A relatively small number of Humans in the 24th century have chosen to adopt a personal philosophy of minimum personal possessions and have renounced the existence of money (although they will use money as needed). In the interest of diversity, the vast majority of the people on Earth and in the Federation extend simpathy and tolerance towards these particular Humans.

One of the reasons Picard didn't want to vacation on Risa is he knew he would have to use some of the money that was just building up in his account.

The majority of Federation Members have their own fleets of starships, a portion of which are provided to Starfleet for the common defense and other activities. If (hypothetically) Earth were to leave the Federation, Earth would retain all of it's starships.

After seven year old Anika Hanson was captured by the Borg she was placed on a maturation chamber and accelerated to maturity. Seven of Nine is actually only twelve years old.

The Daedalus class was built by Earth for the Romulans War. The prototype was built at the same time as the NX-01, with the same engines and reactor as the NX-01, but a much small hull. When the war broke out, the Daedalus battle cruiser was mass produced with many dozens being built simultaneously. With their ten month construction time (verse the NX's multiple year) Earth was able to build them by the hundreds. After the war was won, the surviving Daedalus' were the backbone of Earth's starfleet, and were also deployed with the new Federation Starfleet.

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Humans slowly improved themselves after WW 3, and then they accidentally ran into the Vulcans.
A early Human starship responded to a distress call from a Vulcan starship in interstellar space. This is how Humans and Vulcans "first contacted."

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Voyager didn't really spend two years in Kazon space, and Samantha Wildman was not pregnant for a year and a half. The first two seasons take place over the course of a few months.
This really make a lot of sense.

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Star Trek XI was an alternate universe even before Nero's arrival
This is mine too.
me three!
Ditto here, and there's tons of reasons for it being so...
Me as well. Consider that both Nero and Spock are time traveling backwards, Nero emerges in the (supposed) prime timeline and effects changes that create a alternate timeline. Why would Spock not also emerge in the prime timeline just as Nero had? How did Spock "get across" into the new Nero timeline?

Both Nero and Spock (from ST Eleven) were from a alternate timeline to start with. Both Nero and Spock changed that timeline, but neither ever left it.

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Trills have always been spotty, rather than the lumpy version seen in "The Host".
The "lumpy headed" host was an entirely separate species from Jadzia Dax, but they are one of the (fairly numerous) species that can easily accommodate a trill slug.

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The Illuminati, Masons, whatever, were real
The Illuminati and the Knights Templar were the originals of Section 31.

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