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Microsoft Word is worse than Hitler

Apologies for the hyperbolic thread title. I used to think Microsoft Word and I had a good relationship. I had mostly figured it out and it did basically what I expected it to do. However, recently, it stopped responding the way I was used to. I have two specific examples. I was wondering if anyone knew how to change it back so it would start doing these things.

Normally, when I hit enter on an indented paragraph, the next paragraph would start with an indent. That is fine with me. However, I used to be able to hit backspace to remove the indent. Now it deletes the return space entirely. I have to go over to the paragraph tab and manual remove the indent.

I also used to be able to do bullet points and then nest another bullet point inside by hitting tab or going back to the next level out by hitting shift-tab (I know I didn't explain that very well). It stopped doing that too.

Anyone know what caused this or how to fix it?
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