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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I see everybody talking about the terraforming as if it were an intentional thing; it wasn't. It was the accidental result of sabotage - suspected by both sides of being caused by the other - and was the event - Arkfall - that finally brought the Pale Wars to an end.
Perhaps I was not attentive enough as a watcher . Or I could say they failed in their burden to show me in the presented story

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All those buildings beside the arch are covered up completely as the Arch which was launched at least a hundred feet in the air and then caught by what ever landslide like a left out field fly... As well as the ocean? Is that the ocean or a lake?


They picked St Louis and San Francisco because of iconic land marks of the respective cities. But then I was looking at a mountain range and my first thought was where is the river, anything that did that would have devastated everything. I guess that was another thing I missed, there was a body of water outside of Defiance?
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