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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Lenny Nurdbol is evidently describing fanon. A lot of it was interesting and often enough more so than later "official" canon. Often enough it often made a lot more sense than what came later from TBTB. Some good stuff came out of fanon and even made it into print such as some of the earliest novels. James Blish's references to the Earth/Romulan war in his adaptation of "Balance Of Terror" became part of fanon which in turn became part of Diane Duanes's The Romulan Way and Diane Carey's Final Frontier. Judith and Garfield Reeves-Steven's Federation is a far better take on Zefram Cochrane than the nonsense of TNG's FC. And, of course, there's John M. Ford's The Final Reflection which is a great bit of Klingon backstory more interesting than what TNG gave us.

Fanon did predate FJ which in turn encouraged even more fanon. I didn't always agree with some of it, but it could be fascinating.
I'm fine with fanon, read quite a bit of it over the years. But it's just ludicrous that people get twisted in knots when live-action contradicts it. No writer should be required to read and be consistent with every bit of non-licensed/licensed material out there that is only read by a very small portion of the fan-base.
I can't argue that. A big difference between then and now is that then the fans were the ones who kept things going built on a mere 79 episodes of TOS, 22 episodes of TAS, a few books and then later the earliest films. But from the mid '80s onward the weight of materiel became ponderous even as source materiel drifted further from its origins. After ten to twenty years of fan speculation some could have felt pushed aside (in a manner of speaking) as TBTB put their heavy stamp of "official" on everything.

Fanon still exists, though, as evidenced by new novels and fans still speculating and drawing and modelling new ship designs regardless that any of it could be "officially" negated in a forthcoming film or TV series.
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