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Re: Benjamin Benny Russel needs better tales.

As I recall the novelization was basically a bare-bones retelling of the episode. It wasn't like TNG's "All Good Things" or Voyager's "Endgame" novelizations where it added a lot of new material (I recall the book was just a little thicker and longer than Carey's novelization of "Trials And Tribble-ations").

I haven't read too many of the YA Deep Space Nine books, but most of those were about Sisko's son, Jake and Jake's friend, Nog. But of the one's I've read Ben Sisko didn't play that big of a role in those ones either.

But with the adult DS9 novels, aside from the ones already mentioned, the only ones where Sisko is out front (but they are really ensemble books) are #6 "Betrayal" (because Sisko has to be a negotiator) and #8 "Antimatter" where Sisko and team have to track down a stolen shipment of antimatter.
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