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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Brumbies and Reds get a 19-all draw. Brumbies were under the pump for a lot of that match and even spent a quarter of it with only 14 men (basically the last 10 minutes of each half), but they showed grit to only allowed 7 points against them in that time. The Reds were basically parked within 10 m of the Brumbies line for 6 or 7 mins in the 70 - 77 mins period and this is probably where the Brumbies prevented the Reds from winning. The Reds had the momentum for so long with so few points that it wasted enough time for not only the Brumbies to get back to 15 but to hold onto a draw against the Reds.

Best moment was when the Brumbies lost Sio to the bin and packed McCabe into flanker. Scrum went down and while they were standing up someone appeared to ask McCabe if he knew what he was doing and he just shook his head and looked lost. That got a good laugh out of us watching.
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