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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

trevanian wrote: View Post

But you clearly can't see that. Too put out by some matte lines and film grain and other aspects that put the VFX squarely (and appropriately) in the same era as the live-action, I guess.
Matte lines and film grain vs. low-poly models and overlighting.

It's wrong and, quite frankly, insulting to insinuate that people can't see the flaws in the new effects. You've obviously missed some of the conversations between RAMA and myself over the quality of the new effects.

Lenny Nurdbol wrote: View Post

Secondly, and this is really obvious... The blind worship of anyone who takes the center seat... Let me throw some names around here: J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman...
Blind worship? I've thoroughly tore Star Trek 2009 a new ass because of what I saw as story flaws. But a couple of things saved it for me, I liked how the film was directed and I thought the actors were, for the most part, pretty good portraying the characters I grew up with.

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Basically I got the impression that this was to be a Much longer, better novel and he just ran out of time, or effort, or something and said screw-it, and decided to whip up a hair-brained conclusion in 10 minutes out of thin air and be done with it...
I think if you reread the book, you'll see where he was going with it pretty early on.

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One question: Where do you draw the line?
I draw the line with my wallet/time. If they go in a direction I disapprove of, I simply withhold my cash. Same with any other product I'm interested in purchasing.
"Just give me two seconds, alright, you mad bastard!" - Montgomery Scott, Star Trek Into Darkness
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