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Re: Sternbach blueprints question

The deck plans and cutaways and such were never really meant to represent real-world construction schematics. The Illustrator line weights were chosen from an artistic standpoint only. Most everything I did in the deck plans was intended as an item locator, more like icons on a general diagram. I'd have to be paid a ton more money to make sure that an NN pt line actually measured out to some real number of feet or meters.

Yeah, I had more or less assumed as much. I've been toying around with building Enterprise D in Blender just as a fun little architectural side project. Figured maybe I'd try to lay out the framing on the blueprints in Inkscape first, just to see if I could make it all fit... It's a bit of a trick interpreting the frame and hull thicknesses from the tech manual and trying to put together a mental picture of the cross-section. Thus far, I've concluded that determining the hull thickness is more or less a creative exercise. So be it - that's most of the fun, anyway.


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