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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

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My Little Crichtons is listed as episode 10 on Wikipedia and comes before the triple ep but in my umm.. set of episodes it is episode 13 and comes after the triple ep. Does it matter?
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Soooooooo.... I need to watch Minds and Crichtons before the trilogy?
There are some minor character points that make it better to watch them in the right order.

There is some futching of ep order in season 2 because the 3-parter was only originally intended to be a 2-parter. But they decided they had too much good stuff that they didn't want to cut to fit the time, so instead they extended it out to a full three parts. That extra stuff was filmed much later, and most of it comes in ep 2, which is why "I Do, I Think" has a later production number than everything else.

IIRC, "My Three Crichtons" was also a late addition to the line-up, and then there's the whole mess with "Re:Union"/"Dream a Little Dream." But you have the right order now.

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I loved the bird people, they reminded me of World of Warcraft's arrakoa, very cool.
Given that they are designed by the Henson company, they are more often likened to the Skeksis.

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