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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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Although I am in the UK, I imported all my ENT DVD box sets from the States to avoid PAL speed-up. The new colour timing on the BD's is clearly discernible. Your PAL DVD's will have almost certainly come from the same masters as their US counterparts - just scaled to 576i and sped up! Colours would be the same on both DVD sets. NTSC colour fluctuation was/is only a problem with television broadcasts - but is stable on home video.
That's funny, I'm in Germany and got my box sets etc. from the UK because I wanted the writing on the box and the inlays to be in English. I didn't know about the PAL speed up back then, and that two DS9 episodes were cut for the PAL version ...

So, the color difference will be there for me too ... hmm. I think I will wait until it's going to drop in price and think about it again.
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