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Re: Your own personal continuity

Nemesis personal continuity:
  • Worf was still Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Homeworld, he was on leave for the Riker-Troi wedding and opted for his dress uniform for the occassion. He then stayed onboard to 'hang out' until the Betazed side of the ceremony, where he wore his uniform for the sake of nostalgia. After Shinzon was stopped he returned to his embassy.
  • Wesley being in dress uniform was because after years with the Traveller he had nothing decent to wear and was given a spare. After the ceremony he left with the Traveller once again.
  • Picard was bald and in an enlisted uniform in the photo for a prank he was pulling. Beverly remembers it after being told the story and seeing it previously.
  • Data sacrificed himself for his ship and friends (as well as the people of Earth). B-4's memory transfer was too much for him and burnt out every circuit, leaving him nothing but an empty shell.
  • Beverly did consider transferring back to Starfleet Medical but opted to remain aboard.
  • Geordi was promoted to Commander and made First Officer.
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