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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

That's not the whole arch.

That's the top of the arch.

In the show the arch does not look 193 meters tall.

The first 93 (up and down, what the hell does that mean for side to side?)meters are under the surface.


In the “Defiance” story, St. Louis was buried — essentially, paved over — by the geological upheaval of 2030. “Portions of the city remain intact, deep underground — a place known as Old St. Louis,” Syfy explains. “Scavengers have picked the remains clean, and few people go there anymore. Not only is the way down dangerous, but the memories are just too painful (and) the sound of the Mississippi River still running in the darkness is kind of creepy.”
Why isn’t the Arch completely buried? It was “thrust upward,” Murphy explains, and is about two-thirds above ground.
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