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Re: "What You Leave Behind" Line-by-Line

It's more than *just* reading it. I like the participatory aspect, such as it is. I'll never be an actor on any incarnation of ST, so posting lines is about as close as I'll get. I do sometimes have a rather odd sensation that I'm a bit like a Talosian, reliving the lives of others stored in the memory records.

I think maybe having some sort of extended discussion after a LxL would help alleviate that sort of copy-paste, roll the randomizer and move on to the next sort of feeling. Does reading the words change your opinion of the episode as opposed to watching it? I've got mixed feelings about this one. I like it well enough, but I'm not quite convinced about Sisko's fate/purpose. It was to tackle Dukat and fall into an abyss?! And to have some moldy book be so critical to the fate of the Prophets and Pah Wraiths? But I do find myself missing Quark, Odo and the regular goings on of the station.

In this case the words are perhaps less effective as it's a pretty action heavy episode so the on screen experience is probably better.
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