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Re: Your own personal continuity

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* Captain April was first.
* TAS is canon (why do people have problems with this?)
* Enterprise never happened, or if so, it's an alternate timeline. This also allows Orion slavegirls to really be slavegirls instead of slavemasters which I hate. It also allows the pre-TOS era to remain 60s-ish.
* JJ Trek never happened.
* Saavik is half-romulan (who cares if the line was left out of the theatrical cut? Everyone's seen it by now.)
I like the way you think!

I still can't figure out fans who think Saavik is a 100% pure Vulcan when there are not only multiple books which say she's half-Romulan and explain her background, but the FASA RPG, and well, everything in print regarding her including the movie novelizations... And to top it all off, she's Crying in ST II during Spock's funeral!

But I guess if they can swallow that, they can easily swallow T'Pol being a Vulcan...and that pathetic stand-in for Celia Lovsky in E trying to pass for T'Pau (Without An Accent!)...

People have problems with TAS because the animation isn't up to today's standards... Seriously, they just can't get over that fact... These are probably the same fans who call TOS "camp" for some reason or other...
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