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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I would wager it's been a good seven or eight years since I watched the Baker serials I have. So my impressions of them back then would most certainly not be my impressions of them now. And don't forget I've been going through the McCoy stories, and a few of his stories (especially "Delta and the Bannerman") have a very low rent quality to them, especially compared to some of the earlier stuff.
Ugh. I really don't care for the majority of the Sylvester McCoy stuff. The actor himself is an interesting, personable man (I met him in Spokane back when he was doing a publicity tour of the PBS stations right after taking over as the Doctor; a friend and I took a fast trip down from Calgary and spent the weekend in Spokane)... but his stories were not very good. I'm one of the few people I know who actually enjoyed Paradise Towers, and Battlefield was terrific.

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Cyberman, evil emotionless killing machine two blokes in Varos? Two blokes doing their jobs!
I don't know, that cyberman in Earthshock seemed pretty emotional to me.

Besides, the Doctor did actually kill either of those workers. One tripped and fell in and then proceeded to pull in the other. Then again it does beg the question, if the Doctor values life so much in other incarnations, how does the Sixth shrug it off so easily?
The Doctor can be forgiven for his actions in Earthshock, in my opinion. Considering that it was an extremely violent and stressful situation, as Surak said: "The cause was more than sufficient."

(to mix fandoms for a moment )

The Sixth Doctor's personality was ascerbic, self-centered, and a bit crass at times. He was the Doctor who sometimes deliberately set out to shock people - by his choice of clothes, his rude manner, and his lack of sensitivity. So it wasn't wrong, necessarily - it was just another part of the Doctor's psyche that happened to manifest more strongly in that incarnation.
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