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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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I think you completely missed my point, which ain't about TREK at all; it is about ANY creative piece of work. You can put it out there to acclaim or disdain or whatever response it happens to engender, but that is the work, like it or not. This 'hey let's give this thing these other guys did another bash' notion invalidates and diminishes.
No it's not. How many changes does any given piece of art (especially something collaborative like TV) go through before we actually see it?

By your standard, we should've gotten Captain Winter with his red-skinned Martian First Officer and Luke Starkiller.
One question: Where do you draw the line?

I'll give you my own personal answer: you draw the line once the finished product is released, be it aired or shown in a cinema... After that it Should be left alone... Preserved yes, but not revamped, special editioned, directors cutted, or CGIed... This is pretty much the problem I have with new movies these days... It seems that the one released theatrically just isn't good enough for today's audience and they need to see alternate versions, re-releases, and whatnot... Now I've nothing against seeing some cutting room footage and trims in a special package, but not put back into a movie JUST SO IT CAN BE RE-RELEASED TO MAKE MORE MONEY...
(And yeah, I'm also in the minority again, opposed to the the "Director's Cut" of ST-TMP... I liked both the theatrical version and even the extended network TV version, but the final hyped thing they put out with a new Vulcan, removing the jazzy alert klaxon sound, and even taking out the computer voice--was going too frigging far! If they took out the masculine computer voice--then why didn't they also take it out from the opening scene of ST II? You know "Klingons on attack course and closing... Object is a Third Class Neutronic Fuel Carrier, Crew of 81, 300 passengers...")...
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