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Re: NCC-1701 Shipyard Back Online

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^It's the crashing saucer slicing through a building.
Correction: it's the crashing waaayyy oversized saucer. Looks more like the ships from Independence Day than a Constitution-class saucer. Once again, the fx department weren't that careful in setting the scale.

All the other photos of the ship crashing at Alcatraz are of the Dreadnought. Why are you assuming its Enterprise? Both ships crash. Seems as if Dreadnoughts crash was more controlled, like the big D saucer landing in Generations. Enterprise is shown dropping like a stone, powerless and out of control. Without some kind of thruster control, the ship is a rock. They don't just glide like airplanes. She'd most likely drop straight down. So the nice slow-mo of the saucer cutting through a building horizontally must be Dreadnought.
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