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Re: What is "canon?"

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Shatner's books (or the Shantnerverse): I've heard this term before to reference William Shatner's Star Trek books. I've read a few, and other then the fact Kirk is alive in the 24th century, the book universe almost entirely ignores these books.

Just my opinion of course and I'm not telling all of you to accept it. Its just something I've thought about recently talking to a friend who is a huge Star Wars fan explaining to me the convoluted mess that is Star Wars canon.

Star Wars "canon" is reasonable... That is, they take in Tons of stuff whenever and wherever they can and leave little to nothing behind... They actually treat continuity much the same way a certain late colleague of mine did: world-building, from lines mentioned in old novels on up...

But I'm not here to talk Star Wars, it's the above paragraph that pisses me off, and is One reason why I have so little faith in Pocket Books current editors...
Wherever you go there's this persistence of Shatner Hate that is unwarranted and now even extends to "his" books (yeah, they're really ghost-written by the Reeves-Stevens)... Yeah, I've always had Troubles with these novels for sure; they're classic examples of continuity porn, but they're well-polished, professionally written, and readable (IF you don't dissect them too closely, plotwise!). Overall though, when they are compared to some truly amateurish Trek novel entries, they're pretty interesting to say the least... But because it's "in' to hate and bash William Shatner, these novels are trashed by Pocket Books editors--which is really silly and stupid especially in light of these books not only being best-sellers but also Being Published By Pocket Books!
OK, so Kirk's alive and well and living in the late 24th Century--you don't like this fact, and you're an author of another novel--all you do is Ignore It and carry on... No problem there! There's no reason to Segregate these books as though they're a part of a different continuity. No Sir...

I've read much the same Bias in regards to the so-called Rihannsu novels because, of all stupid nitpicking things, mention is made of speeds warp 10 and above...which is Perfectly Allright on the Old TOS Warp Scale! And these books certainly are set in the TOS era... Or because Romulans call themselves Rihannsu instead of Romulans some sort of violation has occurred?! It's totally uncalled for, especially since the earliest novels were written During the period of the earliest TOS novels and build upon them... And Pocket Books' editors put a frigging Preface onto one or more of the later books explaining that they don't follow a certain continuity???!!
These are the same brains who magically did away with the Borg, killed Janeway, and committed all sorts of other atrocities for no reason (and yes, that includes resurrecting Trip as a super hero who can telepathically communicate with T'Pol across light years!).
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