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Re: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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My answer? "Imagine Seinfeld, but instead of wacky goofballs wrapped up in madcap antics, the cast is psychotic narcissists, lacking any shred of decency, who are routinely engaged in the most heinous & offensive plots imaginable. Now imagine it's hilarious"
Yeah, it's like Seinfeld taken (down) to the next level. The Seinfeld gang were not good people, but they at least knew the social codes they were not living up to and tried to put on appearances of decency. The "Sunny" gang have absolutely no clue of how truly awful they are, nor any frame of reference for acceptable human behavior.

It's a great show, my wife caught on to it in the first season, somehow. We've been thinking of re-watching, we'll probably get to that soon. The show probably won't go on too many more years, and just as well.

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We should start a list of the worst things they've ever done. Tried to sell a dumpster baby & were party to the death of a crack whore top my list

Oh yeah... & the child beauty pageant. OMFG
The "home makeover" was pretty bad, too.
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