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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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The Ball and socket phasers are in Matt Jefferies drawings in The Making of Star Trek which far predate the FJ plans.

The turbolift map in the refit is based on Jefferies outlines for the Phase 2 model. Or are you referring to something else?
Funny, I didn't see the ball and socket phasers in any of Matt Jefferies drawings, considering that not one was ever used on any Enterprise miniature from TOS (the beams were just haphazardly animated-in whenever required)... Though there was a throwaway phaser bank drawing glimpsed on a monitor Scotty was staring at in "The Trouble With Tribbles" but Jefferies probably didn't draw that, and it certainly didn't look like any phaser bank I'd seen...

I'm not talking about the turbolift map but the outlines of the individual turbolift cars themselves depicted in the FJ blueprints (Specifically: Inboard Profile Sheet 5 of 12) and they've more or less been of that design ever since... The original U.S.S. Enterprise Officers Manual (the Original, as in black spiral bound, not one of the later bastardized ripoffs) blueprints one specifically... They're cylinders with top and bottom bubbles (respectively housing parachute and descent engines for when they're deployed as escape pods--the Real "life boats" in use on the pre-refit Enterprise)...
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