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Re: Farscape... I am liking this series...

I just finished Season One of Farscape (on Hulu). I had a few sporadic episode viewings back in the days when I had access to SciFi (SyFy) and enjoyed it, but somehow just didn't get around to watching it regularly.

Having started from the beginning and getting to know the characters... I have to say that I'm much more impressed this time around. And deeply saddened to know it had a brief 4 Seasons. This was GREAT SCI-FI!! It had so many terrific elements going for it.

Anyway, seems like the main actors haven't had too much traction on work these days. If only a Farscape movie could be made... I'm fairly confident they'd be able to get at least Browder, Black, Simcoe, and Hey. Too bad about Hardy... although if they could get someone with a similar voice, the puppet would do the rest.
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