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Re: Are many of you going to "spoil" yourselves next week?

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I'm not going to actively pursue spoilers but I'm afraid getting unintentionally spoiled will be unavoidable, unless I stop visiting every website I like & get off the internet completely until I see the movie.

Somebody, somewhere is bound to write in big bold letters IT WAS KHAN ALL ALONG, I TOLD YOU SO or WHY DID SPOCK HAVE TO DIE??
And probably in the *title*!

And they won't think it's a spoiler, but it will say something in the title like: SPOILERS: KHAN'S FATE AT THE END


There were a *lot* of those every time a Harry Potter movie came out. Stuff like: SPOILER WARNING: THE GUY WHO KILLED DUMBLEDORE!
Much of it has already been spoiled by IDW's solicitations for their "After Darkness" 3-parter that supposedly picks up where the film ends.
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